Trump arrives home in New York, but protesters don’t see him

Trump arrives home in New York, but protesters don’t see him

Trump arrives home in New York, but protesters don’t see him

NEW YORK – President Donald Trump went to Trump Tower on Monday for the first time since its inauguration, with a crowd of chanting protesters waiting but never seen.

Thousands of protesters shouted “shame, shame, shame” and “not my president!” Looking at Trump’s body along Fifth Avenue in Manhattan, but finally came from another direction. A much smaller crowd of supporters Trump also hopes.

Viewers who viewed the caravan welcomed him with cell phone cameras and some obscene gestures.

With the change of the protesters carried banners with messages like “load” and “the White House is not a place for white supremacy.” The songs include “Love, Not Hate – It’s What Makes America Great” and “New York Hates It!” It echoes the surrounding buildings. Nearby, an inflatable and failed Trump caricature was near the square.

Adam Vazquez protested at Trump Tower on election night and said he had returned because he thought the country had reached a “focal point,” especially after the White supremacist demonstration, which entered into violence on Saturday in Charlottesville, Virginia.

The Republican president’s initial condemnation of intolerance and violence “from various sides, from many sides” spurred two days of pressure to specifically denounce white supremacist groups, which he did on Monday.

“This shows that the President, in times of crisis, could not walk,” said Vazquez, a producer of video content and 26. “It’s something we have to take note, go out tonight and prove that this is not correct.”

Meanwhile, about two dozen Trump fans, near the plaza, sang “God Bless President Trump” and carry flags and posters with American sentiments like “this is not the time to split”.
“We are here to show President Trump … he has a lot of fans here, even in liberal New York City, even in Manhattan,” said Ariel Kohane, a 46-year-old member of a group called Jewish Trump.

He said he supported the president because of his views on national security, immigration and the fight against radical Islamists and crime, among other issues. Anti-Trump protesters, for him, are “communist snowflakes left and left.”

With supporters and anti-Trump protesters locked behind police barricades on the sidewalk, the two sides shouted “to go home!

One block south of Trump Tower, police clashed with demonstrators’ protests against barricades and binding, saying that demonstrators to withdraw. Police said two people were arrested for disturbing the order amid protests, but did not say where or when.

Police parked sanitation trucks filled with sand as barriers around the Trump skyscraper signatures barricades and metal police layers around the main entrance.

After Trump was elected, security around the tower has increased dramatically, with barricades and checkpoints by dozens of uniformed police officers. Security measures were somewhat mitigated by the absence of Trump, but have always bothered residents and business owners in the busy region, with stores like Tiffany and Louis Vuitton.

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