The Daily 202: Trump acts like the president of the Red States of America

The Daily 202: Trump acts like the president of the Red States of America

The Daily 202: Trump acts like the president of the Red States of America

THE GREAT IDEA: Donald Trump often behaves as if he were, above all, the President of the States and the people who had voted.

This is in contradiction with American tradition, and this is problematic, since the philosophy of government, especially in a crisis. The initial deaf-deaf answer highlights why Trump in Charlottesville.

Fueled by a complaint and neglected congenitally to spread the olive branches, Trump called his “enemies” – his 2020 re-election campaign even used the word in a statement Sunday – while remaining reluctant to explicitly call his fans – No matter what atrocious, violent or remote.

Remains his inner – Richard Nixon, who has kept a list of his own enemies, the Trump candidate has often been charged when speaking of “silent majority.” After failing to win the popular vote, the president has ruled Trump instead for an increasingly strong voice, but the minority decline.

The president’s campaign carried out demonstrations in places like West Virginia, Kentucky and Tennessee. In fact, almost all political movements went to the places he took in November.

It keeps the 2016 election maps available for people visiting the White House so that the Red Sea can be highlighted. He often speaks of his “base”, preferring to preach to the choir instead of evangelizing his policies. “Trump’s base is much bigger and stronger than ever,” Trump said on Twitter last week.

– Apparently, the president sees “the basic Trump” other than the GOP base: “The assessment of Trump’s work authorization in the daily follow-up of Gallup is 34% for the three-day period from Friday to Sunday – one Lowest point of his administration so far, “Frank Newport said yesterday.

“The latest weekly Republican approval rating of 79% was the lowest of its supporters so far, down from 82% from the previous week. Democrats gave Trump a 7% job approval rating last week, while the Independent reading was 29%.

This is the first time Trump’s independent approval rating has fallen below 30%. “In the latest Gallup poll, 46 percent of whites approve the execution of Trump’s jobs.

It is the same hand that Barack Obama had at this point in 2009. However, while only 15 percent of non-whites support Trump, 73 percent supported Obama.

Trump seemed reluctant to make his brief comments yesterday that specifically condemned the KKK, neo-Nazis and white supremacists.

He addressed them in a rash speech after praising his own administration of the economy, two days later he did not explicitly condemn the meeting “Unite right” and only after a barrage of criticism by the Republican leaders of this omission .

When reading a teleprompter, Trump said he listens to hatred and fanaticism in Charlottesville “will not take place in the United States.”

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