VK Sasikala Video Submitted As Proof That She Was Allowed To Leave Prison

The use of a dark kurta, political VK Sasikala between Bangalore in jail where he serves four years for corruption by order of the Supreme Court. The video was offered as evidence that Ms. Sasikala receives special treatment as a prisoner in a police officer who alleged that nearly 2 crops of bribes paid by the politician allow her illegitimate privileges, including special meals, opportunity to leave the Jail and a cellar with a flat screen TV.

Roopa D was transferred after charges in July from a position that saw him monitor the prisons to manage traffic in the capital of Karnataka. He presented the images of the security cameras as part of an anti-corruption investigation ordered by the State Due to his complaints. The images show that Mrs. Sasikala carries a bag and enters the main gate of the Bangalore prison accompanied by male guards, which led to speculation about the possibility of leaving the prison facilities completely.

Ms. Sasikala is likely to be deported today to the Tamil Nadu ruling party, the AIADMK, which took office in December after the death of J Jayalalithaa, with whom she has lived for decades in Chennai. Ms. Jayalalithaa was Chief Minister when she died after a long hospital stay; After his death, the AIADMK, which went blind for almost 20 years, broke into two camps that are attempting a merger today.

The factions were forged over who would be the head of government after the death of Mrs. Jayalalithaa. O panneerselvam, who always submerged during his life, was first appointed his replacement, but Mrs. Sasikala moved quickly to support the state itself. However, the Supreme Court then found Mrs. Jayalalithaa and blame a corruption case and decades has ordered prison. Prior to his imprisonment in the neighboring district of Karnataka, the loyal E Palaniswami was elected to take over as chief minister.

Since then, a third camp was established in the party – one led by the nephew of Mrs. Sasikala, TTV Dhinakaran, who calls the cases of corruption in confusion. M. Panneerselvam’s faction about 10 lawmakers – enough to make a difference in a vote of confidence – Ms. Sasikala and M. Dhinakaran were expelled from the party before meeting with Mr. Palaniswami’s largest group. A merger is expected today, although similar discussions were unveiled on Friday in an anti-climatic context.

How to safely watch an eclipse

MIAMI: Anyone who intends to look into the sky when the solar eclipse sweeps the United States Monday must have adequate eye protection, or blind blind risk, experts warn. Regular sunglasses will not, eyewear glasses from the American space agency dit.Only they have certified with the “international standard ISO 12312-2” are safe to use, according to NASA.

Other options are the number 14 solder glass or a hole projector that allows the user to project the image of the sun onto paper or cardboard. But with the shadow of the Great Eclipse of America to wrap the whole country, educating more than 300 million people. Your path is a high order. The United States Fire Administration is already warning against scams, such as counterfeit glasses being promoted as apt for an eclipse when they are not.

And from the handful of US wholesalers who make legitimate eclipse glasses, some are sold more than a week before the event. “The dangers of looking at the sun are real and serious,” said Vincent Jerome Giovinazzo, director of ophthalmology at Staten Island University Hospital, Northwell Health. “The damage can be permanent and right at the center of your vision.” Many may remember a childhood experience of using a magnifying glass to focus sunlight on a sheet or sheet of paper and put it on fire.

“The same thing can happen to you,” Giovinazzo said. Jules Winokur, an ophthalmologist at Lenox Hill Hospital in New York, suffered damage to patients who saw the sun. “They have a kind of macular degeneration where they are burning in their retina and they can lose vision and this can be permanent,” he told AFP. “You can have a scar where the sun looks and this can be in the center of your vision.”

Most people do not want to look at the sun because it hurts. But during an eclipse, the pain and discomfort are not there. “Actually, it’s not so uncomfortable looking at the Sun, but the damaging effects are the same,” Winokur said. “And what you can do is that you can burn your macula in the same way any half moon that the Sun shows, you would not feel very uncomfortable.” There is an exception to this rule of not looking directly at an eclipse.

Those on the path of wholeness when the Sun is completely blocked by the Moon can remove their glasses during the brief period when the sky is completely dark and no circle of the sun is visible around the Moon. In the United States, this parcel of a total of 70 miles (113 km) wide will briefly go through 14 states. Other options are available for those who can not afford eclipse glasses. According to NASA, more than 6,800 libraries nationwide distribute certified eyeglasses.

The way to listen to old school by a pinhole projector is also cheap and easy to do. “With this method, sunlight is transmitted through a small hole – such as a pencil hole in a piece of paper, or even the space between the fingers – on an improvised screen, such as a sheet of paper or on the floor “Nasa said on its website. It is important to see only the screen, not the sun. Never look at the sun through the pinhole – it is not safe.

What’s a total solar eclipse and why this one is so unusual

CABO CAÑAVERAL, Florida. Total eclipses occur every year or two or three, often in the middle of nowhere as the South Pacific or Antarctica. What makes the Monday eclipse so special is that it will cut diagonally across the United States. The path of the wholeness – when the day becomes night briefly – pass Oregon, continuing through the heart of Charleston, South Carolina. Those on the periphery – though in Canada, Central America and even the summit of South America – will be treated to a partial eclipse.

The last time a total solar eclipse spread across the width of the United States was in 1918. No tickets are required for the show on Monday, just a few special eclipse glasses so it will not ruin your eyes. When the Moon passes between the Earth and the sun, and marked a blowing nozzle in completely obliterating the sunlight, it is a total solar eclipse. The moon casts a shadow on our planet. The deadlock is where skiers in the sky receive complete treatment. In this case, the total eclipse will last up to 2 minutes and more than 40 seconds.

A partial eclipse will be visible along the periphery. Clouds could still spoil the view, so eclipse observers should be prepared to divide a place with clear sky if necessary. The trajectory of the whole will begin around Lincoln City, Oregon, when the lunar shadow will cross its doors in the United States. This road will be 60 to 70 miles wide (97 to 113 kilometers); Closer to the center, the longer the darkness. The total increase from Oregon to Idaho, Wyoming, Nebraska, Kansas, Missouri, Illinois, Kentucky, Tennessee, Georgia, North Carolina and finally South Carolina. He will also cross small friezes of Montana and Iowa.

The eclipse lasts closer to Carbondale, Illinois: two minutes and 44 seconds. Largest cities along the way include Nashville; Columbia and Charleston, South Carolina; Salem, Oregon; Casper, Wyoming; And only partially inland, St. Louis and Kansas City, Missouri.Hawaii experienced a total solar eclipse in 1991. But the United States has not seen a total solar eclipse since 1979 when it spreads across Oregon, Washington State, Idaho, Montana and North Dakota, and then in Canada.

Prior to that, in 1970, a total solar eclipse avoided the Atlantic coast from Florida to Virginia. The totality – or total darkness – exceeded three minutes in 1970, more than that which took place. The last total eclipse of countries stretching from coast to coast, June 8, 1918 entered Oregon and Washington, and has a Florida shoreline. If you miss the eclipse on Monday – or chop the Eclipse worm – you wait seven years to see each other in the continental United States.

The next full solar eclipse will be in 2019, but it will have to be below the equator for an overview. We are talking about the South Pacific, Chile and Argentina. This is roughly the same in 2020. In the US, the next total solar eclipse will take place on April 8, 2024. The line will cross the entire Texas, Midwest, almost directly into Indianapolis, Cleveland and Buffalo, New York, New England and Maine and New Brunswick, Canada.

Police nab pickpocket, seize Rs 6.7 lakh in gold, cash

CHENNAI: Police arrested a 38-year-old jailer on Saturday as part of several flight cases in the city.Twelve gold sovereign value of Rs 2.73 lakh and Rs 4 lakh cash were seized from the man, who was a member of a band that leads buyers, handbag and travel bag Hand, especially in the mall always full Of T Nagar.

Investigators suspect that several well-organized pickpockets may operate in the city. “We suspect that more and more gangs are turning to the commercial centers of the city. Special squads will be buses and busy areas looking for other bands like this,” a police official said.

Police identified the man arrested on Saturday as Jeeva de Vellore. A squad picked him up at Ashok Nagar because he was acting out of place. When the police interrogated Jeeva after finding several portfolios in his possession, he demolished the beans.

Police said Jeeva was coming to the city with his wife and sister residing in a rented room in Sholinganallur. The trio have generally headed the T Nagar areas as it is a popular shopping center. They operated on crowded buses, shopping areas, and trains and used a variety of distraction tactics.

The band used babies to distract older men and women, police said. “They offered to hold old people’s bags on full buses during rush hour and stole valuables from their bags,” said one investigator.

After stealing valuable valuables, they will visit Vellore at least once a month to take valuables and live their newly acquired wealth for some time, he added. The women in the gang were trained to assess whether potential victims had any value, the officer said. Police have launched a search for the wife and sister of Jeeva who are still at large.

In April, police arrested T Nagar about 25 men and women involved in making crimes, who were part of a band based in Kuppam and Jolarpet. The stolen goods valued at Rs 1 Crore were recovered and transmitted to more than 250 victims.

A tip from a passenger helped the police attract the band. A woman who lost her valuables identifies the thief as a woman with a particular tattoo, which is often seen on the T Nagar bus.

Biosensors to robots, engineering projects get real

CHENNAI: The senior year of engineering preceded a last minute frenzy to find a project ready to use, but now students choose topics of interest and work to develop ready-to-use products. Although some are preparing for their first year, others are looking for a patent or to continue their research.

Priyannth RS, from SASTRA University, decided to work on an original idea in its first year. With the help of his mentors, he now builds electrochemical biosensors that help in the early detection of diseases. “A great advantage that gave me the university is access to the 24×7 laboratories, I use the instruments that a doctoral student, which helps me to build a quality product,” he said.

As students gain hands-on knowledge through their projects, they try to apply the concepts to start larger research projects. “We have second and third year students who show interest in undertaking research projects, giving them a platform to make good publications and give them an advantage for their graduate programs,” says S Vaidhyasubramaniam, Dean, Planning and Development, SASTRA University.

A gesture-controlled aircraft model is the 20 year-end Rubuck project at Mahendra College of Engineering. Rubuck, who started his work since his third semester, is looking for a patent soon. Avoiding last-minute fever helps to feel.

“The focus is more spaced, so we did not catch too much in the last semester, which gives us the opportunity to innovate, rather than redo old models,” he said.

What works for students is the emergence of an ecosystem that supports innovation. It starts as Barola Technologies, Kaizen Robotics and Collaborizm from the idea phase to the final version.

For example, Barola Technologies has signed Memoranda of Understanding with 10 universities in Tamil Nadu to establish innovation centers. If ideas are attainable, they also help get patents. “Students come to us with a rough idea, helping them structure it and have them write a blue letter, which is essential to document the whole process, which helps if the product finds practical applications,” said Suresh Barola, founder of Barola Technologies .

Students also have the opportunity to transfer their projects to foreign universities. Ratheesh Dhanasegaran, a former student of SSN College, obtained a job at Chalmers University in Sweden after his work on penetrators (unmanned aerial vehicle).

While some focus on one project, others are working on several small projects.Lema Labs based in Madras, based in Madras, works in robotics and electronic products with students, organizes regular sessions, where first year students are equipped to develop home automation tools or climbing robots. Students who know the theory get rid of their fear of practical applications through such projects.

Space platforms like Workbench Projects in Bengaluru and IOT geeks in Chennai offer flat ways for students to test their skills and push the bar towards creativity. Pavan Kumar, co-founder, Workbench Projects said: “We have students coming, but it’s not in as many numbers as we would like to see. It’s rare to find students who want to get their hands dirty and build something from scratch,” says Kumar.

HomeIndustry Dr Reddy’s Lab Q4 profit at Rs 312 crore Dr Reddy’s Lab Q4 profit at Rs 312 crore

Dr Reddy’s Laboratories has reported a three-fold increase in its consolidated net profit at Rs 312 crore for the fourth quarter ended March 31, 2017 compared to `74 crore in the corresponding quarter of the previous year. However, revenues declined by 5% to Rs 3,554 crore against Rs 3,756 crore due to price erosion in the US market, lower sales from its North American business and no new major launches. For the full year ended March, 2017, the net profit fell by 40% to `1,203 crore from `2,001 crore. The overall revenues were down by 9% at `14,080.9 crore as compared to Rs 15,470.8 crore in the previous year.
“FY17 has been a challenging year due to lack of new product approvals for the US market. However, our other geographies delivered good performances with several new product launches,’’ G V Prasad, co-chairman and CEO of Dr Reddy’s, said. “We are also expanding global access to our biosimilars as a result of successful registrations in the emerging markets. We will continue our focus on rationalisation of cost structures and building a sustainable quality culture across the organisation,” he added.Responding to a query on the recent warning letters from the USFDA, Prasad accepted that there is an increasing scrutiny by the USFDA and expectations are going up every year. “We are working seriously to resolve and address the recent USFDA observations,” he said. The focus continues to build sustainable revenue stream through a mix of simple and complex generics, biosimilars and differentiated products pipeline.Dr Reddy’s Laboratories a enregistré une augmentation de trois fois de son bénéfice net consolidé à Rs 312 crore pour le quatrième trimestre terminé le 31 mars 2017 comparativement à 74 crore au trimestre correspondant de l’année précédente. Toutefois, les revenus ont diminué de 5% pour atteindre 3 554 $ contre 3 336 crus en raison de l’érosion des prix sur le marché américain, de la baisse des ventes de leurs activités nord-américaines et de nouveaux lancements majeurs. Pour l’exercice terminé le mois de mars 2017, le bénéfice net a diminué de 40% à 1,203 crore par rapport à 2,001 crore. Les revenus globaux ont baissé de 9% à 14,080.9 crore par rapport à 15 470,8 crans Rs l’année précédente.
“L’exercice 2010 a été une année difficile en raison du manque de nouvelles approbations de produits pour le marché américain. Cependant, nos autres régions ont livré de bonnes performances avec plusieurs lancements de nouveaux produits », a déclaré G V Prasad, coprésident et chef de la direction de Reddy’s. «Nous élargissons également l’accès mondial à nos biosimilaires à la suite d’enregistrements réussis sur les marchés émergents. Nous continuerons notre attention sur la rationalisation des structures de coûts et la construction d’une culture de qualité durable dans toute l’organisation “, a-t-il ajouté. En réponse à une question sur les récentes lettres d’avertissement de l’USFDA, Prasad a accepté qu’il y ait un examen de plus en plus important par l’USFDA et les attentes Vont chaque année. “Nous travaillons sérieusement à résoudre et à aborder les récentes observations de l’USFDA”, a-t-il déclaré. L’accent continue de générer des flux de revenus durables grâce à un mélange de produits génériques simples, complexes, biosimilaires et pipelines de produits différenciés.El Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories ha informado de un aumento de tres veces en su beneficio neto consolidado en Rs 312 crore para el cuarto trimestre finalizado el 31 de marzo de 2017 en comparación con `74 crore en el trimestre correspondiente del año anterior. Sin embargo, los ingresos disminuyeron un 5% a Rs 3.554 crore contra Rs 3.756 crore debido a la erosión de precios en el mercado de EE.UU., menores ventas de su negocio de América del Norte y no nuevos lanzamientos importantes. Para el año completo finalizado en marzo de 2017, la ganancia neta cayó un 40% a `1,203 crore de ‘2,001 crore. Los ingresos totales se redujeron en un 9% a `14.080,9 crore en comparación con Rs 15,470.8 crore en el año anterior.
“FY17 ha sido un año desafiante debido a la falta de nuevas aprobaciones de productos para el mercado estadounidense. Sin embargo, nuestras otras geografías dieron buenos resultados con varios lanzamientos de nuevos productos “, dijo G V Prasad, copresidente y CEO de Reddy. “También estamos expandiendo el acceso global a nuestros biosimilares como resultado de inscripciones exitosas en los mercados emergentes. Continuamos nuestro enfoque en la racionalización de las estructuras de costos y la construcción de una cultura de calidad sostenible en toda la organización “, agregó. Respondiendo a una consulta sobre las recientes cartas de advertencia de la USFDA, Prasad aceptó que hay un creciente escrutinio de la USFDA y las expectativas Suben cada año. “Estamos trabajando seriamente para resolver y hacer frente a las recientes observaciones de la USFDA”, dijo. El foco continúa para construir flujo de ingresos sostenible a través de una mezcla de gen

Amazon Great Indian Sale Day 3 Offers: Samsung Galaxy On7 Pro, Honor 6X, and Other Deals

As the Amazon Great Indian Sale moves into the third day, there are plenty of new deals that are set to go live on the e-commerce platform. Amazon continued to offers discounts on mobile phones, but there is a lot more you can be checking out as well. The initial mad rush for deals has thinned out, so getting discounts on tablets, laptops, gaming consoles, etc. that you have had an eye on should not prove too difficult. Of course, if smartphones is all you are in the market for, you should also check out what Amazon-rival Flipkart will offer during its sale later this week. But if waiting another couple of days is not your style, here’s a look at what the Great Indian Sale has to offer.

The headline deals of the day 3 of Amazon Great India Sale are Honor 6X, Samsung Galaxy On7 Pro, Coolpad Note 5 Lite, and OnePlus 3T.
If an iPhone is what you are looking for, you can go for iPhone 5s (Rs. 15,999), iPhone SE (Rs. 20,999), iPhone 6s (Rs. 34,999), or iPhone 7 (Rs. 43,999), all of which come with exchange discounts of up to Rs. 11,002. If you are in the market for an Android phone, you can check out Moto Z (Rs. 34,999), OnePlus 3 (Rs. 26,999), or Samsung Galaxy C7 Pro (Rs. 25,990); all these smartphones come with exchange discounts of up to Rs. 11,002 as well. For Moto fans, Amazon is offering a Rs. 1,000 discount on the Moto G5 and Moto G4 Plus; exchange discounts of up to Rs. 8,600, and Rs. 9,112 are also applicable on the two phones, respectively.

Interestingly, Flipkart has announced that its Buyback Guarantee Programme – which allows buyers to get a flat discount on their phones if they exchange it within a certain period – will be extended to “bestselling smartphones from leading brands” in the Flipkart Big 10 Sale later this week.Au fur et à mesure que l’Amazon Great Indian Sale se déplace au troisième jour, il y a plein de nouvelles opportunités qui seront mises en ligne sur la plate-forme de commerce électronique. Amazon a continué à offrir des rabais sur les téléphones mobiles, mais il y a beaucoup plus que vous pouvez vérifier. La première fureur folle pour les transactions a diminué, afin d’obtenir des réductions sur les tablettes, les ordinateurs portables, les consoles de jeux, etc., que vous avez surveillé, ne devrait pas s’avérer trop difficile. Bien sûr, si les smartphones sont tout ce que vous êtes sur le marché, vous devriez également vérifier ce que le rival d’Amazon Flipkart offrira lors de sa vente plus tard cette semaine. Mais si vous attendez un autre couple de jours n’est pas votre style, voici un regard sur ce que la Great Indian Sale a à offrir.

Les offres principales du jour 3 de Amazon Great India Sale sont Honor 6X, Samsung Galaxy On7 Pro, Coolpad Note 5 Lite et OnePlus 3T.
Si un iPhone est ce que vous cherchez, vous pouvez aller pour iPhone 5s (Rs. 15,999), iPhone SE (Rs. 20,999), iPhone 6s (Rs. 34,999) ou iPhone 7 (Rs. 43,999), tous Viennent avec des remises d’échange allant jusqu’à Rs. 11 002. Si vous êtes sur le marché pour un téléphone Android, vous pouvez consulter Moto Z (Rs. 34,999), OnePlus 3 (Rs. 26,999) ou Samsung Galaxy C7 Pro (Rs. 25,990); Tous ces smartphones sont livrés avec des réductions d’échange allant jusqu’à Rs. 11 002 également. Pour les fans de Moto, Amazon offre un Rs. 1 000 remise sur le Moto G5 et Moto G4 Plus; Échange des rabais allant jusqu’à Rs. 8 600 et Rs. 9,112 sont également applicables sur les deux téléphones, respectivement.

Fait intéressant, Flipkart a annoncé que son programme de garantie de rachat – qui permet aux acheteurs d’obtenir une réduction forfaitaire sur leurs téléphones s’ils l’échangent dans une certaine période – sera étendu à «les meilleurs smartphones des meilleures marques» dans la Flipkart Big 10 Sale plus tard la semaine.A medida que el Amazon Great Indian Sale se mueve en el tercer día, hay un montón de nuevos acuerdos que se establecen para ir en directo en la plataforma de comercio electrónico. Amazon continuó ofreciendo descuentos en teléfonos móviles, pero hay mucho más que puede estar comprobando también. La fiebre inicial de ofertas se ha diluido, por lo que obtener descuentos en tabletas, ordenadores portátiles, consolas de juegos, etc que usted ha tenido un ojo en no debe resultar demasiado difícil. Por supuesto, si los teléfonos inteligentes es todo lo que está en el mercado, también debe comprobar lo que Amazon-rival Flipkart ofrecerá durante su venta a finales de esta semana. Pero si esperar otro par de días no es su estilo, aquí está una mirada a lo que la Gran Venta Indígena tiene que ofrecer.

Los principales acuerdos del día 3 de Amazon Great India Sale son Honor 6X, Samsung Galaxy On7 Pro, Coolpad Nota 5 Lite y OnePlus 3T.
Si un iPhone es lo que está buscando, puede ir para el iPhone 5 (Rs.15.999), iPhone SE (Rs.20.999), iPhone 6 (Rs.34.999), o iPhone 7 (Rs.43.999), todos los cuales Vienen con descuentos de cambio de hasta Rs. 11.002. Si está en el mercado de un teléfono Android, puede consultar Moto Z (34.

Samsung Z4 Tizen 3.0-Powered Smartphone With 4.5-Inch Display Launched, Coming First to India

Samsung on Friday launched its newest Tizen-powered smartphone – the Samsung Z4 – and it runs on Tizen 3.0 OS. The smartphone will be launched in select markets across the world, starting with India in May. The Samsung Z4 will be made available in Black, Gold, and Silver colour variants depending on the market. For now, the company has not detailed the Samsung Z4 price or its exact launch date.

The most interesting aspect about the new phone from Samsung is its camera department. The Samsung Z4 comes with a 5-megapixel rear camera with dual-LED flash support and at front it features a 5-megapixel sensor with f/2.2 aperture and LED flash support. The company claims that both front and rear cameras on Samsung Z4 are “optimised for social media” and offer features focused on convenience and creativity. The rear flash module also appears to be shaped similar to the Smart Glow notification system unveiled with the Samsung Galaxy J2 (2016).

The Samsung Z4 will be made available in both single and dual-SIM variants depending on the market. It sports a 4.5-inch WVGA (480×800 pixels) display with 2.5D curved glass on top, which the company says is a first for its Z-Series Tizen smartphones. It is powered by a 1.5GHz quad-core processor coupled with 1GB of RAM.
While Samsung is yet to detail the inbuilt storage offered by the device, the connectivity options offered by Samsung Z4 include 4G VoLTE, Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n, Bluetooth 4.0, USB 2.0, GPS, and Glonass. The smartphone houses a 2050mAh battery. The Samsung Z4 measures 132.9×69.2×10.3mm and weighs 143 grams.

“We’re dedicated to providing our customers with devices that offer smarter mobile interactions,” DJ Koh, president of mobile communications business at Samsung Electronics, was quoted as saying in the company’s release. “The Samsung Z4 brings a simplified mobile experience to first time smartphone users and represents our ongoing commitment to expanding the Tizen ecosystem,” Koh said.Samsung a lancé vendredi son nouveau smartphone Tizen – le Samsung Z4 – et fonctionne sur Tizen 3.0 OS. Le smartphone sera lancé dans certains marchés à travers le monde, en commençant par l’Inde en mai. Le Samsung Z4 sera disponible dans les variantes de couleurs Black, Gold et Silver selon le marché. Pour l’instant, la société n’a pas précisé le prix Samsung Z4 ni sa date de lancement exacte.

L’aspect le plus intéressant du nouveau téléphone de Samsung est son service de caméra. Le Samsung Z4 est livré avec une caméra arrière de 5 mégapixels avec un support de flash à double LED et à l’avant, il dispose d’un capteur de 5 mégapixels avec une ouverture f / 2.2 et un support flash LED. La société affirme que les caméras avant et arrière sur Samsung Z4 sont “optimisées pour les médias sociaux” et offrent des fonctionnalités axées sur la commodité et la créativité. Le module flash arrière apparaît également comme étant similaire au système de notification Smart Glow dévoilé avec le Samsung Galaxy J2 (2016).

Le Samsung Z4 sera mis à disposition en version simple et double-SIM selon le marché. Il dispose d’un écran WVGA de 4,5 pouces (480×800 pixels) avec un verre courbé 2.5D sur le dessus, dont la société est le premier de ses smartphones Tizen Z-Series. Il est alimenté par un processeur quad-core de 1,5 GHz couplé à 1 Go de RAM.
Alors que Samsung doit encore détailler le stockage introuvable offert par l’appareil, les options de connectivité offertes par Samsung Z4 comprennent 4G VoLTE, Wi-Fi 802.11 b / g / n, Bluetooth 4.0, USB 2.0, GPS et Glonass. Le téléphone intelligent abrite une batterie de 2050mAh. Le Samsung Z4 mesure 132,9×69,2×10,3 mm et pèse 143 grammes.

«Nous sommes dédiés à fournir à nos clients des appareils qui offrent des interactions mobiles plus intelligentes», a déclaré DJ Koh, président des affaires de communications mobiles chez Samsung Electronics, dans la version de l’entreprise. “Le Samsung Z4 apporte une expérience mobile simplifiée aux premiers utilisateurs de smartphones et représente notre engagement continu à étendre l’écosystème Tizen”, a déclaré Koh.Samsung lanzó el viernes su nuevo teléfono inteligente Tizen, el Samsung Z4, y funciona con el sistema operativo Tizen 3.0. El smartphone se lanzará en mercados selectos de todo el mundo, comenzando con la India en mayo. El Samsung Z4 estará disponible en negro, oro y plata variantes de color en función del mercado. Por ahora, la empresa no ha detallado el precio de Samsung Z4 o su fecha exacta de lanzamiento.

El aspecto más interesante sobre el nuevo teléfono de Samsung es su departamento de cámara. El Samsung Z4 viene con una cámara trasera de 5 megapíxeles con soporte de flash de doble LED y en la parte delantera cuenta con un sensor de 5 megapíxeles con apertura f / 2.2 y soporte de flash LED. La compañía afirma que tanto las cámaras delanteras y traseras de Samsung Z4 están “optimizadas para los medios de comunicación social” y ofrecen características centradas en la comodidad y la creativid

Modi urges India to reject violence in name of religion

Modi urges India to reject violence in name of religion

Modi urges India to reject violence in name of religion

NEW DELHI (Reuters) – Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday urged India to reject religious violence, after a series of attacks on minorities has sparked a debate over whether an outbreak of Hindu nationalism would undermine the country’s secular ideals.

In a speech from the Red Fort walls of Delhi marking the 70th anniversary of India’s independence, Modi has also listed his government’s achievements, including the fight against corruption.

The speech was the light in foreign policy, not to mention the rival Archipelago Pakistan or China. India has practiced for almost two months, hundreds of soldiers along its northern border with China due to a territorial dispute.

Modi spoke out against Hindu right-wing attacks, many claim his Hindu nationalist Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) against minority Muslims and low caste Hindus accused of killing cows, considered sacred by the majority Hindus.

But the establishment of his complaint of violence Tuesday was significant.

“We do not tolerate violence in the name of faith,” Modi told a crowded crowd at the fort and a large television audience.

Modi has made much of the progress made by India since independence from British rule in 1947.

But it also expresses the grief over the deaths of 60 children in a state hospital last week amid a shortage of supplies – a reminder to be made in India’s journey to development.

Since coming to power in 2014, Modi has struggled to balance the demands of his Hindu groups with the nationalist base base and the Indians who were trying to build a modern, secular country that matches their growing economic influence.

Manoj Joshi, a colleague of the Observer Research Foundation’s expert group says that he played Modi “good cop, bad cop” who condemns community violence, but doing little to contain the elements of his party in power.

“There’s a clear difference between the slogan and the application. It’s a deliberate breach and that’s just for the record,” he said.

Modi also spoke at length about the publication of a “new India” by 2022, underlining his confidence in winning the next general election scheduled for 2019.

Strong growth and economic reforms have strengthened the popularity of Modi and his party helped sweep the states elections in recent years, which prevented the opposition to weaken.

However, to meet the needs of the 1.3 billion people in India, the government must create millions of additional jobs per year, it is difficult to do.

“A certain level of complacency … brought Modi into power,” analyst Ajai Shukla told NDTV. “Now he realizes that people are waiting for answers. He felt the need to convey an aura of progress.”

New Trump-Russia emails could establish a ‘devastating’ legal entanglement for Paul Manafort

New Trump-Russia emails could establish a 'devastating' legal entanglement for Paul Manafort

New Trump-Russia emails could establish a ‘devastating’ legal entanglement for Paul Manafort

He beat the ongoing investigation on whether President Donald Trump’s campaign with Moscow during the 2016 election Monday when the Washington Post reported that foreign policy adviser George Papadopoulos sent at least six emails in the campaign offers to organize Meetings between Trump and the Russian leaders.

The first email was sent to seven campaign form advisors in March 2016, titled “Meeting with Russian Leaders – Including Putin.” Papadapoulos requests have been experienced by many campaign leaders, including the retired back of the Navy.

Charles Kubic, who expressed concern over possible legal violations of US sanctions against the Logan Act, a law against US citizens conducting negotiations with foreign governments unauthorized Russia and.

Paul Manafort, the campaign’s chief of triumph over time and a topical issue in Russia’s survey, also expressed concern over the proposal and rejected Papadopoulos’s request for a Trump-Putin meeting in 2016 May.

Rejecting Manafort is opposed to his willingness to take an appointment with a Russian lawyer a few weeks later, in June, a point Renato Mariotti, a former federal prosecutor, raised after breaking the story.

Mariotti wrote that perhaps the most important consequence of the new era was that “everyone in the emails was aware of the concerns expressed in the emails regarding the meetings with the Russians, including the concern of the Admiral in Kubic legality to comply With the Russians. ”

“If any of these emails later met Russian or they accepted their help,” said M. Mariotti, “previous emails about concerns could be used to indicate that they knew the meeting was problematic and potentially illegal , But nevertheless persisted. ”

The meeting held by Manafort in June did not include Trump, but Trump included the son, Donald Jr., his son and chief adviser Jared Kushner. Also present were Veselnitskaya Natalia, a Russian lawyer who has made a great effort against 2012

Some law and Magnitsky tied to the Kremlin; Akhmetshin Rinat, Russian pressure group and former Soviet military intelligence officer; Samachornov Anatoly Russian; And the British music publisher Rob Goldstone, who arranged the meeting at the request of Aras and Emin Agalarov, a rich Russian family.

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“The legal problems are very similar, if not the same”
One of the main differences between the two meetings that might explain the rejection of one Manafort and the acceptance of the other is that the meeting was Papadapoulos “organized as a meeting at the Trump,” said Andrew Wright, associate professor at the Faculty of Law Of Savannah.

In an email sent to former campaign chief Corey Lewandowki Trump in April 2016, Papadopoulos said he received “a lot of calls in the last month” for what “Putin wants to host the Trump team when the time comes.